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Emotional keys include psychological sleep diet concentration relaxation

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  • Emotional keys include psychological sleep diet concentration relaxation

    Emotional health stems from inner tranquility. If your mind body or psyche are out of balance, your emotional health suffers.

    This doesn't mean that you need to sign up for the nearest psychological or therapist, but that self awareness of your psychological needs are at a minimum needed to thrive.

    As well there are physical attributes to emotional health, which include getting necessary sleep, and maintaining a proper diet.

    Relaxation includes taking breaks from work activities. Concentration simply means focusing on where you are and what you are doing, being happy with your present state.

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    Getting enough sleep each night is key. I love to relax with calming music after a night at the gym. Essential oils, including in aromatherapy, and flowers (lucky enough to receive these regularly from that someone special in my life) are a part of my daily routine.


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      What I find is that when I stay on top of my emotional health, everything else follows.


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        I am an event planner, but doesn't mean I can't benefit from group therapy or even seeing a psychologist if needed at stressful times in my life. I do take regular breaks during the day during work to go outside. I work from home though which is nice!
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          I golf and fish to pass the time, being retired. Love it!