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Intellectual keys include learning reading writing

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  • Intellectual keys include learning reading writing

    If you don't use your mind you might as well throw it away. If you are not learning, moving upwards, you are stagnating.

    Today with the internet we are presented with a staggering amount of materials to read, which is one way to learn. We must exercise our ability to communicate by constantly sharpening our writing skills too. Written communication is what separates humans from the other species.

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    I want to learn something new every day. In my personal relationship we try to teach each other constantly. At work, I try to learn how to do things better, and not just accept the status quo. Life can be good - not just good, but great! if you work at it!


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      This is important. It is easy to forget about higher learning once we are done with college.


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        I agree that we must keep learning or we stagnate!


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          I studied hard to become a doctor, and kept on top of things in my profession as I practiced as a general practitioner is what it's called these days. Today, I keep my mind active by READING READING READING, and not really so much on the internet, but with real books, turning the pages.