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Occupational keys include rewarding fulfilling contributions

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  • Occupational keys include rewarding fulfilling contributions

    Ideally our occupation should be our career, but whatever we do, is something that should fulfill us in some way. This is tied to the financial key, but again is not all about money. It is about doing something that in some way rewards us.

    Even if what we do is not yet our ideal occupation, the old Disney rime of "Whistle while you work!" is not all that far from what should be no matter what we do all day.

    Is our occupation contributing something? Even if contributing only to the well being the firm we work for, still that is something. Are we growing in what we do, or stagnant? Fulfillment comes from within and we don't have to be finding a cure for cancer to be content in what we do.

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    I enjoy many aspects of my job, working in a corporate environment, but of course not everyone around me is an tuned in to Wellness as I would hope. Still, I try to focus on the positive and screen out or ignore the negative.


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      My specific occupation is as a social worker. It is rewarding, and I admit I like helping people, although it can be draining at times.


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        I am an event planner. I deal with many different people, but I love it, because I get to help special events come to life for special people.


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          Retired doctor, living the carefree good life, reminiscing on what I've done for my patients, and my family, over the years past.