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Physical keys include diet nutrition supplements exercise relaxation sleep sex

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  • Physical keys include diet nutrition supplements exercise relaxation sleep sex

    The physical keys may overlap the emotional, as these are tied together integrally.

    We must first of all nourish our bodies properly, and this includes through diet nutrition supplements. We should consult with medical professionals and do all the necessary reading before embarking on any radical changes in diet nutrition supplements but we should also be mindful that science is only beginning to understand the relationship between these and physical health. Also, changes come slowly, over time, changing what we eat or take in as far as supplements might not affect us until after we have engaged these habits over a long term.

    Exercise - regular vigorous exercise - whether it be simply walking or lifting heavy weights keeps our minds and body in tune. Relaxation between other activities and sleep are key to a fully and properly developed mind and body.

    Sex too - this is a component of life and is healthful.

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    I try to go to the gym at least three times a week. I am very aware of nutrition and try especially lately to avoid junk food. Sex is a part of my life too, and in my relationship we try to be healthy about everything we do.


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      I started getting into hatha yoga lately. I like it a lot. Also I do treadmill and indoor biking at the gym.


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        I try to jog regularly and workout at the gym at least 3X weekly. Yes, I am into it!


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          Taking walks with my wife, golf and fishing on my own and with friends - these keep me fit in my golden years.

          Sex - well yes, there's still some of that too!