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Bad habits are destructive to development of mind body spirit

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  • Bad habits are destructive to development of mind body spirit

    Bad habits include drugs and alcohol. While in moderation alcohol has some benefits, in general the mind and body are developed to their fullest when mind altering substances are eschewed.

    Even those who advocated drug use, such as Timothy Leary and LSD, eventually settled on the belief that the highest levels of consciousness are achieved without drugs.

    As well, drugs and alcohol may be physically destructive to the body, no matter how ingested or in what quantities. Over time, a body and mind that become attuned to mind altering substances may become so inured to being high that become unable to turn on to the beauty of life without substances.

    Over time, even those of us who have become addicted or accustomed to drinking or using will become more and more comfortable with being in a natural state and turning on to the highest levels, completely sober.

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    I am still very young but I have systematically rooted out bad habits from my life. I stopped drinking alcohol too - don't need it! Bad habits are not just substances, but also anything that takes us away from creativity and growth.


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      I drink on occasion I admit it but I am about ready to give that up too, not much benefit to any alcohol I would agree. Not mentally and spiritually anyway.


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        I admit it I used to party as a teen but I've pretty much given that all up. I watch people party heavily at some of my events, and it's fine for some, not for me.


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          I still have a glass of wine sometimes with dinner. My wife doesn't drink. Moderation is key, but when it comes to alcohol, it is a poison, we know this in medicine, and you're probably better off without it.

          Yes, there are studies that claim that people live longer drinking a glass of wine a day, but who knows if this is due to the wine, or due to that a person who is able to moderate alcohol intake is probably also in tune and moderate with everything else in his life, which might be the true cause for his longevity.