Press & Testimonials

Articles and some comments from our following.
I used to think that if I exercised and ate right that was all there was to it. Now I understand that there is so much more.
- Christi Mansfield, San Franciso, CA
Time waits for no one is what I found out, and no one will make my life better before I take charge of it myself!
- Anna Summers, Los Angeles, CA
I feel so relaxed now, just examining all the different parts of my life.
- James Atkos, Palatine, IL
Key Wellness is about more than just what it is on paper, it is about people.
- Frank Phillips, San Diego, CA
I thought I knew a lot, but turns out I knew very little.
- Jeff Chin, San Diego, CA
It's hard not to get excited about looking at things a new way.
- Arleen Francis, Temecula, CA