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Environmental keys include your space around you

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  • Environmental keys include your space around you

    Your home, your office, your workplace, wherever you travel or are, is your environment. We may control to a certain extent where we live, and the sort of tranquility that stems from being in a positive place, but no matter where we are, whether living on a quiet beachfront, or inside a noisy prison, we have the ability to improve our space.

    We improve both through accessorizing our living space, and by placing objects that matter to us in our environment, such as pictures of loved ones, and decorations that bring us thoughtful pause or inspire creativity.

    There are other ways to improve our space, through aromatics such as essential oils, cleansing rituals such as sage, and increasing ions in our air such as through salts.

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    I live in a busy city, with noises from emergency vehicles piercing the quiet regularly, but I overcome these in my own mind. I try to embrace the noise, rather than being repulsed by it.


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      I live in the suburbs and it is very quiet. It is a calm, controlled environment. When I work as a social worker I am in a busy office, lot of people, lot of activity, but I try to maintain my own personal inner calm.


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        I am an event planner and I work from home which is really nice. Quiet. Controlled environment. But, I must motivate myself to get everything done each day!


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          I'm in Hazard, KY, and my environment for the most part is halcyon, and carefree.